input Device MOUSE


Mouse is a input device that directs the position of slow moving cursor to a point very faster.

A small pointing input device used with PCs. It rolls on a flat surface and this movement guides the cursor on the display screen.

A hand-held device which when moved on a flat surface moves the cursor on a computer screen. The mouse is equipped with at least one button that is used to position the cursor or select (Click), drag and drop, and double click. In addition, it may have one or two PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS used to perform special tasks.

A computer peripheral that produces charts or graphs as output. It is an output device.

It is used to produce high resolution graphics and drawings by the computers. The plotters use ink pen to draw. Color pens are also utilised.

It is used to print effective graphic images. These could be Pen plotters, and Inkjet plotters.


Pen Plotters are special purpose output devices for producing Charts, Diagrams, Architectural / Engineering drawings, three dimensional illustrations and the like. These plotters basically consists of pens filled with one or more colors. Any of these pens can be raised or lowered and moved over any point on a sheet of paper to produce the requisity drawing, diagram etc., The operation is controlled by the software which contains data in the form of X, Y coordinates. These plotters could be DRUM PLOTTERS where the paper is held between two rollers passed over a drum and the pen are moved horizontally across the length of the drum. (OR) PAPER PLOTTERS where the paper is fixed on a flat plotting table and the entire movement is provided by the pen holding carriage mechanism.


InkJet Plotters can produce high quality large drawings. The paper in their case is placed on a drum and jet of ink, of different colors, are mounted on a carriage. The choice of color and the amount of ink to be placed for a particular segments of the drawing are controlled by the software.